Anvil CraftingBare Hands CraftingCampfire Crafting
CraftingItem: AnvilItem: Barrel
Item: BookItem: BoxItem: Campfire
Item: ChestItem: Coocking TableItem: Cooked Meat
Item: FeedItem: FeederItem: Fence
Item: Fishing RodItem: FlourItem: Flowerbed
Item: Metal PartItem: PaperItem: Plank
Item: PotItem: RopeItem: Seeds (Wheat)
Item: Simple BedItem: StickItem: Stone Floor
Item: Stone WallItem: Stone Wall (window)Item: Stove
Item: TorchItem: Torch LampItem: Upgraded Campfire
Item: Wicket GateItem: Wooden AxeItem: Wooden Door
Item: Wooden HammerItem: Wooden HoeItem: Wooden Pickaxe
Item: Wooden ShovelItem: Wooden SpearItem: Wooden Sword
Item: WorkbenchPixelTerra WikiRecipes: Cooking Table
Workbench Crafting
File:Anvil recipe.pngFile:Axe wood recipe.pngFile:Barrel recipe.png
File:Book recipe.pngFile:Box recipe.pngFile:Campfire enchanced recipe.png
File:Campfire recipe.pngFile:Chest recipe.pngFile:Cooked meat recipe.png
File:Cookingtable recipe.pngFile:Door wood recipe.pngFile:Example.jpg
File:Feed recipe.pngFile:Feeder recipe.pngFile:Fence.png
File:Fishingrod recipe.pngFile:Floor stone recipe.pngFile:Flour recipe.png
File:Flowerbed recipe.pngFile:Hammer wood recipe.pngFile:Hoe wood recipe.png
File:Metal part.pngFile:Paper recipe.pngFile:Pickaxe wood recipe.png
File:Plank recipe.pngFile:Pot recipe.pngFile:Recomend.png
File:Rope recipe.pngFile:Seed wheat recipe.pngFile:Shovel wood recipe.png
File:Simple bed recipe.pngFile:Spear wood recipe.pngFile:Stick-0.png
File:Stick.pngFile:Stick recipe.pngFile:Stick recipe2.png
File:Stove recipe.pngFile:Sword wood recipe.pngFile:Torch recipe.png
File:Torchlamp recipe.pngFile:Upgraded Campfire Recipe.pngFile:WIKI.jpg
File:Wall stone recipe.pngFile:Wall stone window recipe.pngFile:Wicketgate recipe.png
File:Wiki.pngFile:Workbench recipe.png

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